Thursday, 19 March 2015

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I could go on for a long time about the snow situation here in my neck of the woods. Over three days mother nature dumped 125 cm of snow. (That's about 50 inches for you Americans). Except that I am totally and completely exhausted by the snow and would prefer if I could burry under blankets and not move from the house until next month when it's time to board a plane for a more welcoming climate.

There are 20 working days left between now and the end of my contract. I've really enjoyed working there for the last 6 months but I'm ready to be done. The biggest contributing factors to my doneness are the crazy hours, winter driving and a few co-workers that really grate at my nerves.

I discovered recently that it really bothers me when people don't show appreciation. Whether it be a simple thank you or acknowledgment of hard work or not complaining about the things they have when people aren't appreciative it bugs me. The flip side to that is it's made me more intentional about showing appreciation towards others.

I'm eagerly awaiting the official link up to share the full package Elizabeth sent me but I need to share  that one of the things she sent was "Peanut Butter Monster Trail Mix" and it is the most amazing and delicious trail mix I have ever eaten. J. & I are both obsessed with it and can't wait to get more next month when we're on vacation. (It's not available in Canada)

I have an almost overwhelming sense of nervousness towards camp this summer. There are some big changes happening that both directly and indirectly affect my job, the entire staff dynamic and a lot of other things. I'm doing my very best to prepare myself and focus on doing my job without letting my own insecurities and staff drama come into play but it's hard. 

March is half way over and I'm making slow progress on my March Goals. Progress is happening though and I think part of goal setting is identifying areas of improvement, not feeling bad/guilty/ashamed that I didn't do exactly as I said I would. 

I have really enjoyed being on top of blogging this week. Not everything has been perfectly preplanned and organized but having an idea of what I'm going to write about, where I'm going to link up and what I need to do each day has been wonderful. Plus, it has given me more time to visit other blogs and ensure blogging is a hobby I enjoy and not a chore. 

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