Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I Get That A Lot

"You're very quiet."
"You don't say much."
"Hardly a peep out of you."
"You're pretty quiet."
"Are you always this quiet?"
"I bet you're not this shy/quiet at home!"

Once upon a time if you would have asked me what character trait I liked least about myself I wouldn't have hesitated even a second before answering that I wish I was more outgoing. I would have loved to be that person who thrived on everyone paying attention to them, who flawlessly filled awkward silences with small talk and ensure everyone around them is comfortable and at ease. 

But that isn't me. 


Over the past few months instead of awkwardly and frantically searching for a response to the above comments I've started to respond "I get that a lot." or "Yes, I am.". Because I've come to realize and accept that being quiet isn't a bad thing. I know some people consider "quiet" to be a negative adjective, and up until very recently that mentality was fully engrained in me as well. I'm not sure when the light bulb moment went off and I realized that "quiet" isn't bad. It is perfectly okay not to be the loudest person in the room. 

As it turns out I like not being the loudest person in the room. Sure I can carry on a conversation and enjoy talking to people but I don't need everyone to know who I am. It's a huge relief not to be constantly pressuring myself to "not be the quiet one" and trying to be someone I'm not. 

The lesson in all this is short and simple - embrace your 'flaws' and don't try to mould yourself into something you aren't.


  1. Great post. I think it's important we embrace our traits! I can't say I'm a quiet one, but I also wouldn't say I'm overly outgoing. My boyfriend is however, very, very quiet and doesn't say much. It has taught me that those types of people are still GREAT people, you just have to dig a little deeper. It also make me watch how loud and boisterous I am being because sometimes his way is better than mine. Anyways - I like this share today!

  2. hell yes to embracing who you are/your traits. people see me as a "don't screw up or she'll turn into a bitch" type at work which i fully embrace - know your stuff, don't screw up and if these two things are met, then we're golden. if not, WATCH OUT lol

  3. Oh girl I just love this so so much. I am so loud and outspoken and practically never shut up--and I HATE that about myself. But I've started to just try to accept it. I love that you've just come to own this feature about you! I envy it!