Thursday, 28 August 2014

What Happens Next

If I could go back and start at the beginning all over again I'd do a few things different. 

I would have done a better job communicating and spent more time writing and communicating with myself so I could express my thoughts and feelings to others. 

I would have focused on the big picture and reminded myself that 10 years from now I won't remember the minor details that I found so annoying in the moment.

I would have drank more water and less coffee.

The thing is my contract is ending this month and I may not get the change to do things over again. I wrote about my loyalty to my current camp last year and I still feel a lot of the same feelings I did back then. The difference is I realize that I can't stay with a place/at a job forever where there's no opportunity for it to become full-time. I'm not really sure where that leaves me though.

Once again I find myself staring into the future and only seeing a giant question mark. And I'm trying really hard not to let that giant question mark make me overly anxious. 

Instead I'm focusing on making the last couple of weeks in this job good ones and trusting that something great is just around the corner. I should know by now that things happen when they're supposed to happen and it's often at the last minute. 

"I will put my rainbow in the clouds to be a sign of my promise to the earth."
- Genesis 9:13

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  1. I'm at a similarish place with high school ending and trying to figure out what to do afterwards without letting it become too big of a thing for me! Something great is definitely around the corner, and that's really exciting!